Product Development examplePrizm Systems is a full capacity all in-house tool and die shop. With almost 50 years experience in the industry, it’s not just our precision machines that produce high quality results. Our hands on expertise creates solutions from the initial sketch to finished product. Our passion for collaboration to get your idea off the paper and into the world is at the heart of our company. We’ve grown with the industry. Our development resources cover a broad spectrum of tried and true instruments to the latest computer technology. Prizm Systems works with you and your idea in mind and we pride ourselves on refining the idea, the steps to make it and give you options for manufacturing. We’ve helped people create gears the size of a match head and auto parts which have travelled across the country and back.

Our solid approach and know how to construct geometrically gives you the opportunity to bring in any kind of idea from a computer file down to a sketch on a napkin. We understand the process of tooling forward and back and can help you improve products. Our full custom shop works with plastics, aluminum, zinc, stamped and formed parts.

We work hard to work with you:

  • We look at the idea and generalize the requirements to make it.
  • We determine the scope of the project.
  • We draw up an estimate of the project, whether it’s a one off job or for manufacturing. We help you decide which materials would be best with cost and the life of the product in mind.
  • We draw up a CAD model and give you a quote on 1-3 prototypes.
  • We test the prototypes and make adjustments, if any are needed.
  • We give you choices in manufacturing with the highest quality for your budget.
  • Prizm Systems works with inventors and nationally recognized companies such as Intel, Techtronix, Peterbilt and Hewlett-Packard. We create the step by step solutions to make parts with results.